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On this page are listed various possibilities of workshops Ayni* has to offer

Sachez que tous ces ateliers sont également disponibles en français bien entendu
Who are we ?
Ayni :

Karine Tao Harmonie: Introduced to Shamanism and Andean Medicine by Atawallpa Oviedo Freire (Ecuador) and Jade Chabot (Canada) ten years ago, I now offer individualcare, workshops and other Shamanic ceremoniessuch as (liberation rituals, Sacred Fire ceremony and Despacho...)

Contact : - +33 6 1463 3643

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Sëhb : Multi percussionnist for 30 years and Yogapractitioner for 10 years, I now offer primordial technics ofliberation allowing a deep connection to your own inner strengh beyond limits and towards freedom.

Contact : - +33 6 1388 2479

Programs :

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