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Who are we ? / Qui sommes-nous ?

Ö Bhakti

Ö Bhakti is a trio offering Sacred Indian Chanting concerts called Bhajans. 

Ö Bhakti est un trio offrant des chants Sacrés Indiens appelés Bhajans.

Our purpose is to offer, anywhere needed, Bhanjans to share with everyone. We're located on the French Riviera but can move anywhere from there. 

Notre intention est de partager des Bhajans avec le plus grand nombre. Nous sommes sur la Côte d'Azur mais pouvons nous déplacer.

Ö Bhakti is : 
Hamsini : Lead singer (lived 20 years in India out of which 12 were spent with Amma) 
Sebastien : Percussions
Karine : several instruments and our tunnel of connection to the audience.




Most (not 100%) of the Bhajans we offer are from Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi).
La plupart de nos Bhajans viennent de Amma.
Every month, at Mauna Practice Center, we offer a concert where 50% of the profites will go to Embracing the world (Amma) and the other 50% to JALMAV association (help to people reaching the end of life state)
Chaque mois, au centre Mauna, nous offrons un concert dont les profits vont pour 50% à Embracing The World et les autres 50% à l'association JALMAV qui aide les personnes en fin de vie.

Next one : 26 Septembre à19h 2021 à Mauna Practice Center
Et 9 Octobre à Terre d'Eveil (Grasse)

Contact Ö Bhakti

If you would like to know more about our trio or book us for your advent, please do not hesitate to send an email to
Or give us a call at

+33 6 13 88 24 79

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